BM JACK3: 3 positions glass-cutting automat

BM JACK3: 3 positions glass-cutting automat

BM-Jack 3 is designed for dec­o­rat­ing glass­ware. As in the case of single-posi­tion machine, this machine is yet another rev­o­lu­tion­ary step in glass cutting. The machine is designed to cut three prod­ucts at the same time. On request, we can mount three spindle-cutting heads, which will enable you to perform glass­ware dec­o­rat­ing with dif­fer­ent cutting tools in one single stage, without having to re-align the product.
Each indi­vid­ual machine cutting tool is driven by a ser­vo­mo­tor. In total, there are eleven ser­vo­mo­tors mounted in the machine. The cutting spin­dles are driven by asyn­chro­nous motors. Built into the machine is an elec­tric circuit board with all the nec­es­sary com­po­nents for con­trol­ling the machine.
We can supply a trans­ver­sal travel unit upon request. With this you can cut plane sur­faces, such as decanters, plates or sheet glass. There is a touch-screen on the front side of the machine which allows you to adjust para­me­ters nec­es­sary for tuning up the cutting program and to control manual move­ments and oper­a­tions. Key char­ac­ter­is­tics: The flex­i­ble element can be inte­grated with a “soft server” that can control the working push pro­por­tion­ally. There are the fol­low­ing advan­tages com­pared to the pneu­matic working push: Being able to control cross cuts, with the depth of the first cut being stored in memory so that all sub­se­quent cuts are adjusted to this. The cutting is done more smoothly, enabling higher cutting speeds.
Other advan­tages are, as follows: An extra wide product axis incli­na­tion of –45° to 70°. A trans­ver­sal travel unit for cutting plane sur­faces.

Design soft­ware is needed to run the cutting program, which can be obtained in one of the fol­low­ing ways:
– Pur­chas­ing from Horus.
– Gen­er­at­ing a file accord­ing to the customer’s spec­i­fi­ca­tions. This will be par­tic­u­larly con­ve­nient in the case of regular repeat orders.
– Upgrad­ing an older Horus or Wincut program.

The design soft­ware will gen­er­ate a data file, which will be down­loaded into the machine com­puter (sit­u­ated in the machine circuit board). The machine com­puter will control repeated cycles of the whole cutting process. When cutting with a number of machines, only one design soft­ware is needed. It will gen­er­ate data files for indi­vid­ual machines, i.e. dif­fer­ent pat­terns can be cut by dif­fer­ent machines.

The data files can be down­loaded from the design soft­ware using one of the fol­low­ing ways – network data trans­fer, flash disc, CD, DVD or wire­less data trans­fer.

The machine is equipped with a closed cooling water circuit and water con­sump­tion is about 1000 litres a month. Even an untrained oper­a­tor can work the machine after adjust­ments have been made. However, adjust­ment of the machine and main­te­nance of the program has to be done by a qual­i­fied person, and Bohemia Machine s.r.o. is happy to provide the train­ing for your per­son­nel.

Length of the machine
2200 mm
Width of the machine
1420 mm
Height of the machine
2240 mm
Machine weight
1850 kg
about 1 – 10 a minute, depend­ing on the pattern
Maximum product diam­e­ter
250 mm
Maximum product height
450 mm (maximum cutting height 300 mm)
Product weight
up to 5kg (accord­ing to customer’s wishes)
Product shape
rotary (non-rotary and flat on request)
vacuum or mechan­i­cal (pneu­matic)
Installed input
11 kW
Average input
3,5 kW
Control medium
Pres­sure air, vacuum (vacuum pump on request, input 0.8kW)
Maximum wheel diam­e­ter
150 mm
Wheel rev­o­lu­tions
650‑6000 rpm
Number of cutting wheels
3 (3×3)
Range of product axis incli­na­tion
–45° to +70°
Cooling medium
water with emul­sion

Optional equipment

(not included in the machine basic price):

  • Upon request, the machine can be fitted with a three-posi­tion revolv­ing head that enables to fix three dif­fer­ent working tools. The tools are exchanged in accor­dance with the program depend­ing on the cut that is cur­rently being processed. The tool exchange is auto­matic
  • Upon request, the machine can be deliv­ered with a vacuum pump used for clamp­ing prod­ucts
  • Cen­trifu­gal con­tin­u­ous water treat­ment unit
  • Design (drawing) program Horus
  • Various diamond tools
  • Various clamps to fix the prod­ucts