The Czech Repub­lic is at the heart of Europe. The tra­di­tion of glass making in the region is more than seven hundred years old. During its long history this extra­or­di­nary craft become to true mastery.
We are evolv­ing this crafts­ma­ship and tech­nol­ogy for glass pro­duc­tion with true enthu­si­asm and will.

BMRC Group s.r.o
Hvěz­dova 1716/2b
140 78 Praha
Czech Repub­lic

Busi­ness premises
Zámecká 1177
582 91 Světlá nad Sázavou
Czech Repub­lic

Sec­re­tary tel.: +420 569 453 149

Machin­ery Divi­sion Address
DOTEX Dobrá nad Sázavou s.r.o.
Nová Ves u Světlé 69, Czech Repub­lic

Design Depart­ment

Sales Depart­ment
Petr Trtík

Tel: +420 777 568 330

Glass Cutting Work­shop